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Dog Walking By Animal Smart Pet Care

Wednesday, January 15th, 2020
animal smart dog walking

According to a recent study, only half of dog parents walk their dogs at least once a day while a shocking 33% even admitted they rarely walk their dogs. While many dog owners have genuine reasons why they’re unable to walk their pets regularly, the simple truth is that something can still be done about it. At Animal Smart Pet Care, we offer dog walking services to keep your pet happy and healthy. 

Benefits of dog walking by Animal Smart Pet Care

Wondering why your dog needs regular walking? Here are 7 benefits you and your furry friend stand to gain when we take them for walks. 

  • Frees up time to do other things: You love your dog, but you don’t have enough time on your hands to walk him. By using our dog walking services, you can rest assured that your dog will get the exercise he needs for good health while you get to attend to other pressing issues. It’s a win-win situation for you and your best friend.
  • Helps with weight control: Obesity is one of the leading causes of illnesses in dogs as it may lead to respiratory problems, diabetes, liver disease, increased cancer risks, and more. Hiring a dog walker for a nice, long walk can help your dog stay in shape since he’s burning calories and excess body fat with each excited step he takes.  
  • Promote digestive/urinary health: Regular walks can help keep your dog’s digestive tract moving as well as relieve constipation. Most dogs tend to do their business while outdoors on routine walks, which means they get to empty their bladder regularly, and this can go a long way in preventing bladder infection.
  • Joint health: Immobility is a common health issue in dogs, and dog walking by Animal smart pet care can help a great deal as your pooch gets to exercise his muscles pooch and joints, making them stronger. 
  • Mental health: Dogs are smart little creatures, and walking is an excellent way to keep their mental health in good shape. The reason is not farfetched: during walks, their senses get stimulated, and this is evidenced by the way they excitedly sniff, dig and explore new areas outside. If they don’t get mental stimulation, they may develop problems like chewing on items in the house, licking themselves, and more. Dog walking by Animal Smart Pet Care provides a vast amount of mental stimulation, which will lead to improved behaviors around the house. 
  • Prevents anxiety: Anxiety is a condition that’s common among pets, especially dogs that don’t go out often. If you notice that your dog is always restless, anxious, or downright destructive, frequent dog walks by Animal Smart Pet Care can help your dog release emotional stress and tension. By the time the walk is over, the chances are good that your canine would be worn out and would want just to take a nap. 
  • Socialization for your dog: Dog walking by Animal Smart Pet Care can help your pooch get used to being around other dogs, people, and anything else they’re bound to experience at some point in their lives. Contrary to assumptions, your dog won’t be socialized by himself; you have to take him for walks to experience the world so he can be a well-rounded canine citizen.  


Walking your dog is a simple task that has a positive impact on many aspects of his wellbeing, but we understand that you may not be able to do this regularly. So, let’s help you with that task so you can attend to other pressing issues. 

Animal Smart Tips To Find Your Perfect Pet Sitter

Monday, January 6th, 2020
animal smart pet sitter

Here at Animal Smart, we know that most dog owners would take their canine companion with them everywhere they go if they could, but that isn’t always feasible. You want to know that your best friend is being taken care of properly when you travel out of town, and a loving pet sitter can help you in such situations. Once you settle for the option of a pet sitter, the next decision to make is appointing the right sitter for your pet. Choosing the right pet sitter can be a difficult choice, but these five tips can help you find your perfect pet sitter. 

1. Decide what kind of care your pet needs

The first thing to consider when it comes to choosing the right pet sitter for your pet is to decide what services you need from the sitter. Of course, the services should depend on the needs of your pet. For example, some pets need more attention than others. If your pet needs frequent human company and socialization with other dogs, services such as companionship sessions and overnight care are a safe bet compared to just a few hour’s visits. Also, it’s important to take note of the health condition of your pet so you can add medical expertise to the list of things to look out for in a pet sitter. 

2. Pick up the right price for what your pet needs 

The saying, “you get what you pay for,” is true when it comes to pet sitting services. Good quality pet sitters are not cheap, but that doesn’t mean they’re unaffordable either. Many pet owners make the mistake of putting price over the quality of services delivered, but it’s usually their furry friend that bears the brunt of such decisions. The goal should be to choose a pet sitting service that offers the best care for the price that’s affordable to you. 

3. Find reputable pet sitters 

The next step is to find reputable pet sitters that can show your pet TLC while you’re away. There are two primary ways of getting the right pet sitter, and both are quite effective. The first is via referrals from your family or friends who have experienced a good service already from a pet sitter. The second option is to check out pet sitting associations like Pet Sitters International as you can be sure of finding certified pet sitters that have studied for and taken tests to show that they can take care of pets. 

4. Arrange for an interview

Whether the prospective pet sitter was recommended or you found one from a pet sitting association, it is crucial to get to know the sitter with an interview. That way, you can look out for certain traits that every professional pet sitter should have such as 

  • A desire to know your pet 
  • Should be knowledgeable 
  • Experience 
  • Punctuality
  • Kindness etc 


There might be many pet sitters out there, but be sure to take your time to get the perfect pet sitter for your furry friend. At Animal Smart Pet Care, we are genuine animal lovers, and our goal is to make our customer’s pets happy and healthy when they’re out of town. 

How Do I Prepare for an Animal Smart Pet Sitting Initial Visit?

Wednesday, November 27th, 2019
animal smart dog sitter

Deciding on who to entrust your furry best friend with is so important and here at Animal Smart our teams are dedicated to helping you find the right pet sitters for your pets. We know that when you are away you don’t want to be worrying about the decision you made, so we do everything we can before hand to give you complete peace of mind.

Before you book to use us, we will come out to your house and meet you and your family of pets. It’s important that we get to know you and them just as much as you getting to know us.

For us to provide the best possible care for your pets while you are away we want to make sure that we have and know everything there is to know and the best way to do that is face to face.

Our Animal Smart pet sitter will arrange to come and meet you at a mutually convenient time, this is called an Initial Meet.

During the initial meeting you can ask lots of questions about us, anything you need to satisfy yourself that we are right for your pet.

Our pet sitter will also ask you some questions about your requirements and the needs of your pets. Depending on the pet care service you require, they may want to know things like, how many times your pet gets fed, how long each walk should be, if you pet has any specific health or medical needs.

If you wanted to carry on with the booking, this is also a good opportunity for you to show the Animal Smart pet sitter around. Its useful for us to know where things like light switches, feeding bowls, bedding, toys etc are. Don’t worry you are not expected to know exactly what to tell us, your pet sitter will guide you through the things they need to know in order to provide your individual services.

The most important thing during your initial meeting is that your pets like us too! So please have them around for us to meet J

To arrange your initial meeting contact your local branch via our postcode search on our website

Animal Smart Guide to the Benefits of Using a Professional Pet Sitter

Wednesday, November 20th, 2019
animal smart pet care

If you don’t really like to leave your pet at home when you go out of town, be reassured that you’re not alone. Many pet owners are uncomfortable with the idea of leaving their furry friend alone at home. Whether you need to go out of town urgently or you need to take a long vacation, opting for Animal Smart pet sitting is a great choice as it offers a lot of benefits. Let’s take a look at how a pet sitter may be the best choice for your furry friend.

  • Reduced risk of getting sick

One of the options many pet owners consider when they need to leave home is driving their pet to a boarding kennels but may put your four-footed companion at risk of getting ill or stress. Many dogs find traditional boarding kennels highly stressful and for dogs with weakened immune systems the risk of infections are increased. By hiring a professional pet sitter, your pet won’t have to come in contact with sick dogs, greatly reducing any risk of illness.  

  • Less stress for your pet

Many pets tend to get anxious once they’re taken out of an environment they’re familiar with while others get traumatized when they’re taken on a trip. Choosing Animal Smart pet sitting means your pet won’t be stressed during your trip because they will be at home. Also, there will be no changes in the environment when you hire a pet as the look and feel will remain the same, helping your feel safe and secure.

  • Minimal changes

Your pet’s anxiety may become worse when there’s a change in schedule and professional pet sitters know how important it is to have the routine of your pet uninterrupted. In contrast, boarding facilities will feed and care for your pet on their schedule, and the more your pet’s routine is changed the more stressed out he’s likely to become. Before taking your pet to a boarding facility, think about how he will feel.

  • Undivided attention

Although most boarding facilities promise quality playtime, there’s a limit to the attention they can give to your pet since they have many pets to look after. But when you go for Animal Smart pet sitting, your pet will be pampered with the undivided attention he deserves so he doesn’t feel stressed out.

  • Peace of mind

While you’re gone, only a professional pet sitter can give you the reassurance that your furry friend is in good hands. To provide you with peace of mind, you can ask your pet sitter to furnish you with updates in the form of emails, text messages, video calls etc. All these will make you feel more relaxed since you will know how your pet is faring in your absence.


Hiring a pet sitter when you next you plan to travel or take a long vacation, consider getting in touch with us at Animal Smart Pet Care to enjoy a stress-free experience that comes with knowing your pet is getting the best care possible.