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Animal Smart Dog and Family Fun During COVID19 Lockdown

Friday, April 17th, 2020

Doing fun things for your dog and your family might seem a challenge at the minute when we are all so restricted, so here at Animal Smart we wanted to inspire our dog owners of some simple but effective games you can play with your dog without the need for leaving your house. 

Just as we need stimulation, so do our dogs. Enrichment activities stimulate your dogs mind and helps to keep them happy and healthy even if their usual social walks in the park with other dogs as stopped for now.

These 5 enrichment games could even be made into a family game, so why not get the kids involved too. Great bonding time for everyone.

  1. Treasure Hunt

Stop boredom and restless, try a treasure hunt. Take some of your dog’s favourite treats and hide them around the house, encouraging them to use their smell sense is a great way of tiring their minds. Supplement unhealthy treats with healthy ones such as carrots.

2   Apple bobbing

 This is entertainment for the whole family while you watch your dog fish for the Apples. It will be rewarding for your dog however difficult at the same time. This activity will keep your dog entertained for a while. It’s great on warmer days as a way to keep your dog cool.

3. Make a puzzle

Dogs with high energy need diversions, so try a brain teaser. You could do this by old materials that you have at home like tennis balls and treats it a tug toy from old t- shirts could be a challenge that’s your dog craves.

4     Make an agility course

 An inside agility course is fin for the kids to build (and even play) and a fun way to keep your dog active. If you have a garden you could take the agility outside for some fresh air fun. Using cushions, wood, chairs, cones, sweeping brush… Anything that is safe.

5. Play with a sprinkler

Fun for kids and dogs no matter what season your in. Running through sprinklers, playing in the leafs seems like great fun for your dog. Sometimes the simplest things make the best memories.

These are just 5 games to keep your dog engaged at home and fun for the whole family. Staying active and having fun will get us all through this.

We would love to see you playing these games…please share your experiences and tag us in Facebook

Animal Smart Team