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Dog Breeds

Thursday, April 23rd, 2020

There are hundreds of dog breeds to choose from, some more popular than others, some are energetic and suited to a more active family’s. Or a dog that is more relaxed.

Choosing a dog breed that will suit your family and your life style is very important. Consider what your home is like and how much time you can give to your new member of the family.

All dogs personalities are very different, after taking them home it’s up to you that they receive good socialisation and good handling.

If you don’t have the time you could consider getting an older dog that has already been taught the skills needed for everyday life.

Here are the top 8 dogs and there characteristics:


Their noses guide them through life. Beagles are the best companions for children and adults alike and with their loving and happy personality, fitting in with the family would be no problem for them. Being hounds, these dogs can be stubborn causing training to be a little harder, coming up with creative training techniques and being patient is the best way for this dog.

Golden Retriever

These dogs are very popular, the breeds friendly and tolerant attitude makes them the ideal pet for any family house. They are very intelligent so could potentially be highly capable working dogs. These dogs are fairly easy to train and would get along with just about anyone, if your looking for a loyal, loving and an intelligent companion look on getting a Golden retriever.


This dog breed appeals to allot of people due to their small size, big personality and the variety coat types and colours. These dogs might be small but they are fully capable taking part in agility. They love spending time with their humans and require minimum of grooming and exercise.


These dogs are reasonably small in size, but definitely the biggest clown and will always put a smile on your face with their silly behaviour. The cockapoo is an ideal dog for anyone, it’s breed is very intelligent meaning it is very easy to train. This dog hardly sheds, very forgiving, and will make sure your never alone, probably follow you to the bathroom. They are very happy running round an agility course showing off their tricks.

Springer Spaniel

These mischievous and high energy dogs are great for active family’s however needs a good run everyday otherwise will become a boisterous handful. With there intelligent personality they would make great working dogs as they are so easy to train. If you want a companion that’s polite with everyone very active a Springer spaniel is for you.


These are very kind and gentle dogs. They are very trusting toward people, and would make a great member of a family. These dogs were originally bred for working so keeping their minds active is a must, they are very strong so obedience training from a young age is required. They get on with other dogs well and very protective so any ideal dog for family’s.

German Shepard

Confident and loyal dogs will be amazing dogs as long as given the right socialization and obedience training as soon as possible. German Shepard’s get along with members of the family great but strangers they can be leery. They are very active and quite large dogs so exercise is definitely required for them but would make a great protective dog for the family.

Yorkshire terrier

These little dogs may be small but they are the most curious and confident. They have a noticeable coat that is different to other dogs and require good grooming and care. They are extremely affectionate and wants allot of attention from their owners but can be snappy towards small children if not treated right . Due to there small size they don’t need allot of exercise, but nice walks they love too. This breed is ideal for an older person but could easily fit in with a family.

Whatever dog breed you choose, making sure that you know what you are getting is the key to a very happy and fulfilling relationship.

Dogs offer unconditional love that is so special.