Whether you are a rabbit, guinea pig, snake, tortoise, chicken, parrots, and micro pig owners…our pet sitting service could be just right for you.

In the knowledge our pet sitters are supported by our veterinary teams, we are confident in saying that we can care for just about any pet.

Whatever your pet, they will remain in your home, staying in familiar surroundings and in their normal routine. Keeping stress to a minimum.

Animal Smart pet sitters will come to your home once, twice or 3 times a day to feed, clean out and enrich your pets while you are unavailable.

Whatever your reason, whether you are;

  • Out for the day
  • Going on holiday
  • Ill or injured
  • Recovering from surgery
  • Pregnant
  • Or just need an extra pair of hands

We can help.
You will find full details of our pet Sitting service, prices and what’s included by contatcing us. To contact us hit the pink button below.

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