Animal Smart dog walking service provides your dog with the stimulation required and deserve while you are unavailable.

Bored dogs can lead to destructive and unwanted behaviours. Breaking their day up, by using a dog walker, can help reduce these behaviours and even prevent them for starting.

Providing your dog with regular exercise has both mental and physical health benefits for your dog.
If you…

  • Work and find it a push to get back home at lunchtimes
  • Are out all day
  • Have a full day with childcare or house duties
  • Have a young family or have recently had a baby
  • Are injured or ill
  • Have recently had surgery and are recovering
  • Or have a highly energetic dog and just need an extra pair of hands to help meet his needs

Then our dog walking service you be just what you need. We understand that every dog has their own unique needs, so we tailor our dog walking service to meet your dogs’ individual requirements.

You can use our dog walking service as much or as little as you want and for your complete peace of mind, all of our dog walkers have received training created by veterinary professionals and they are all certified as Animal Smart Pet Care Providers.

We offer 30 minutes or 1 hour dog walks, either individually, as a family or in a small group.
After each walk dogs are left happy and contented.
You will find full details of our Dog Walking service, prices and what’s included by contatcing us. To contact us hit the pink button below.

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